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It’s Party Time!!!!!!!!!!

the power of anonimity on the internet, the fun of writing

the power of anonimity on the internet…

I can go on different names… logon with different usernames upload different avatars but to close friends… just by looking at the writing style and personality they would actually put two and two together.. and they can formulate a theory that “this and that” is written by the same person

that’s the fun in writing… you discover a part of yourself… and you learn…

now this… ASSHOLE spartan has written something corny check it out :

Shit … Is she worth it?

and Jaren’s weird post

What’s this? A December Story and New Year Time

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Galera… trips…


ahhhh welcome to Puerto Galera…



mindoro sling (kabaliwan, sabaw, kalasingan)

ang pagong ( shet, is dat a turtol??? sex tayo!!) the turtle made from sand is a known aphrodisiac (i think?) hahhaa

Galera TRIPS… hahaha… after a shitload of MINDORO SLINGS….

Garii of Slit wrists and the Peach Mango Pie as the Crying Cow …

bwahahaha another victim of all night drinking spree

and the Loooong awaited Galera Pics posted on flickr

Click here to go to Jaren’s Flickr account

Fuck… since the movie clip is on AVI format… and it’s fuckin 27mb so I have to download a converter so that We could make a bit smaller so WE could post it …


BTW, Spartan Posted the VId already… Galera.. TRIPS.. VIDS.. and shits… ( the crying cow Vid)

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..Going to Galera…

Gasoline Boy, Spartan, Jaren, along with Garii and Amer

will be out for a couple of days… because we will be fucking partying at PUERTO GALERA!!! bwahahaha

We’ll be gone for 3 days… for some nonstop drinking and partying… PICS will be posted on our arrival to Manila again…

GALERA!!!! Here I come!!!!!

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AWW.. Fuckin’ Overtime

Shit.. I signed up for OVertime.. Later… Why.. because it’s a fucking holiday, what else.. got nothing else to do at home.. FUCK I’m gonna stay at the office for more than 8 hours…. shit…

MY OT is 9pm-2am then I have a shift at 5am – 2pm (17hours) fuck… a rest day OT ( plus Holiday bonus) I’m gonna drown myself in redbull and beer. BWAHAHHAA

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Currently looking for Applicants

The Sith Lords are currently looking for applicants for Girlfriend, Fuck Buddy Position

THE SEARCH FOR THE ELUSIVE HOT CHICK of my dreams is at hand!

Criteria :

  1. Must be pretty/hot/cute
  2. Has a nice ass
  3. Has big boobs
  4. Tall (around 5’4″ – 5’9″)
  5. Age (22-30)
  6. Residency ( around Metro Manila)
  7. must be single (no attachments)

Willing to hangout anytime, anywhere, willing to fuck around / fool around  must like smoking, beer, sisig, crispy pata, liempo, a red bull addict, alcoholic and an overall asshole… but we got plans… plans for WORLD DOMINATION!


either be the girlfriend or fuck buddy either way if you’re interested comment on this post! and EMAIL your resumes with HOT PIC at

ALSO introducing my other sites

Update from link 5am Project Page

welcome to the BlackOPStocino – 5AM project (still under construction — so don’t expect to see content as of now)

  1. 5AM (Travel Happy) … NOT! — travels, places around the philippines (tourist spots,bars,clubs, gimik spots)
  2. 5AM Food Master — (restaurants, foods, recipes)
  3. 5AM FOOLDRIVEN (Driving) — ( all about cars and the likes)
  4. 5AM Healthy Tool — (health, fitness, girly stuff, manly stuff)
  5. the 5AM Game Adik — (all about games, PC games, PS3 games, XBOX360 games,PS2 games, Online Games, PSP games, DS games, Wii Games)
  6. 5AM Techie Geek (all about tech, could be new consoles, cellphones, media players, cameras, PC software , PC hardware, electronic gadgets,comics,)

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